Juicy Campus Announces Shutdown

After a year and a half of debate and gossip, Juicy Campus has recently announced that they are shutting down their website. Details of the announcement can be found here:



1 Response to “Juicy Campus Announces Shutdown”

  1. 1 klefmg8 February 23, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Juicy Campus’ blog states that in “these historically difficult economic times, online ad revenue has plummeted and venture capital funding has dissolved.” I’m not convinced. I would like to know if others feel the same as me. Later in the blog, they redirect you to collegeacb.com, which is steadily growing in popularity. The difference between the two is that collegeacb is not so anonymous. On collegeacb, the user must register/sign in, while Juicy Campus let anyone post on its site, without registering. Is it a matter of privacy and anonymity rather than money?

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