Group 3 of the Social Media Mastery Cour

Group 3 of the Social Media Mastery Course starts February 15. Follow @MySocialMastery or visit for details.

About the Symposium

‘Juicy Ethics’ a Symposium on Ethics and the Internet

The Symposium is specifically responding to the advent of sites like Juicy Campus, internet discursive spaces with seemingly limitless opportunities for sharing information and posting anonymous, often ruthless and inconsiderate remarks, with no repercussions for the authors and no opportunity for real discussion about the consequences for those involved. The anonymity and unregulated access of sites like Juicy Campus prohibit us from depending on the facility of web postings as we might depend upon interpersonal dialogue or written pieces of communicative action. Students around campus have expressed their concern, disbelief and at times outrage and pain about the effects of Juicy Campus, yet there is no open space for discussion about the ethical implications of such unregulated practices.

The purpose of this event is to engage undergraduate students in formulating personal and theoretical responses to issues of ethics and the internet. ‘Juicy Ethics’ aims to encourage students to think critically about their roles as information sharers and seekers, and about the implications of publicly shared accusations and commentary on students’ individual lives and the campus community as a whole.

The event is sponsored by the Fund for Ethics, Leadership and Civic Responsibility, and the Department of Communication.

Juicy Campus Announces Shutdown

After a year and a half of debate and gossip, Juicy Campus has recently announced that they are shutting down their website. Details of the announcement can be found here:

Presenters and Respondents Announced

Jamie Neal, “The Tangled Web We Weave”
Stacey O’Sullivan, “Juicy Campus: Gender and Message Content of Online Gossip”
Kimberly Paschall, “The Bill of Rights Battle”
Ross Williford, “Brave New World: Technology’s Troubling Implications for Our Humanity”

Shannon Gilreath, University Fellow in Law and Professor for Interdisciplinary Study
Stavroula Glazakos, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Language
Ananda Mitra, Chair and Professor of Communication and Technology
Sue Wasiolek, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students,
Duke University

Details for the Forum

The Forum will be on Monday, February 23, in the Annenberg Forum of Carswell Hall from 5-8 pm.

We have also selected Michael J Hyde, University Distinguished Professor in Communication Ethics, as the moderator.

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